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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 16, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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worried they would be the next to be ordered out. >> all of a sudden they tell you to get ut, and there is no time. they want you out and once you are out you can't get back in. you shut the electricity off and you need to be prepared ahead of time. >> but this con constantly -- constanting shifting fire is coming back. >> if it tboas to the other side of the canyon, tomorrow the wind is supposed to be really bad. we are worried. >> at an evening meeting, plenty of applause for firefighters, but no less anxiety as the fire threatens the community for a fifth day. >> it is not like 10 minutes and you have to go. >> those closest to the fire there are no easy answers. >> i -- you need to pack up important papers and pictures. you need to pack up those things most meaningful to
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you. >> in the meantime, neighbors communicate with social media and pictures and texts, and they wait anxiously for the latest briefings. firefighters have held the flames mostly inside the canyon. but a last difficult test starts tomorrow night. >> it is supposed to jump up between 20 and 25 miles an hour monday and tuesday. if they can't get control of it, the wind won't be good for anybody. >> in foresthill, abc7 news. >> again the fire has destroyed one home and four other out structures. 24 acres have burned so far. tonight the fire is only 30% contained. farther north, firecrews are making progress on a second wildfire that consumed 42 square miles at the mendocino national forest. that fire started over a week ago and is now 60% contained. severe weather is causing problems across the country. in washington state, flash floods are covering highways and submerging cars.
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the same in arizona where roads and lake havasu city are over flowing. there was a deadly lightning strike in texas. two men died and a third tried to take cover during a storm in the middle of a soccer game. >> i looked to my left and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree and go down to the ground. >> forecasters are predicting even more 100 descre temperatures for the east coast this week. >> >> federal and san francisco investigators are trying to figure out how someone cut into a secure communications facility. it is a bunker between the two towers on twin peaks. vandals cut a small portion of the chain link fence surrounding the facility. the cables were cut, but the person never got inside. >> all of the vital cities were not impacted. >> it is one of the broadcast points for police, fire and
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other city crews radio communications. because of that the fin was called in, but the sfpd is handling the investigation. officials will not say how the security breech happened. protesters are refusing to give up on their fight to keep some oakland schools open. today they held another demonstration. abc7 news reporter january alston is there and he is live with more. >> they have been successful drawing attention to the plight of oakland schools and public education in general. but their mission is far from over. >> the protest took on a party atmosphere right across from lakeview elementary school. >> i think the school district has this idea that they think the battle is over. we are here to send a strong message that this is just the beginning. this isn't the way to improve our public education system. >> several oakland police officers were stationed across the street, behind the fences that now surround the campus. lakeview is one of four schools closed at the end of the year. another is being converted to
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a charter school. last month protesters took over lakeview camping out for two weeks at the beginning of july. the oakland unified school district can't sustain the five schools. it has lost 17,000 students over the past decade, and the closures will save several million dollars. >> it is happening all over this country. >> the district plans to convert lakeview into administrative offices that would handle enrollment, the health department and anti-violence counseling. >> they are nickel and diming our students while they have enough money for administrate you ares, consultants and standardized testing. >> they did not say whate wouldr next move would be. >> where do we go from here? what is our next step? can we block the administrative offices from coming into this neighborhood school, and what else can we do to fight for a fully funded public education? >> a spokesman for the school district says lakeview has to be ready for the start of the school year on august 27th
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, but he would not say when those employees would move in. while he understands their frustration the focus should be on the start of the new school year. abc7 news. >> john, thank you. the death of a man at a livermore hotel is being investigated at suspicious. a, woulder found the body of a middle aged man in a first floor room at the double tree hotel. officers say there are no obvious signs of foul play. the death will be investigated as suspicious until the coroner rules on a cause. a woman is facing vic -- vehicular manslaughter charges in santa rosa. is a santa rosa man died on hall road yesterday. they say 28-year-old heather app howl was -- heather anne howell was chasing a man and rammed into the victim's car. the chp says she knew the motorcyclest and they believe domestic violence was involved. a 22-year-old man from american canyon is facing charges for attempting to murder a police officer.
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he was arrested this morning after evading police for almost 13 hours during a routine traffic stop. an officer realized he was driving a stolen car. police say he tried to droif away and then -- drive away and then shot at the officer. neither one was injured. he faces charges of auto theft and possessing a stolen weapon. placer county sheriff deputies are looking into the death of a driver at a roseville racetrack. it happened at the all-american speedway. the fatality happened during spectator racing. a program that allows fans to drive laps around the track. reports are the driver drove into the wall. the driver's name has not been released. nba basketball star and former cal player jason kidd has been arrested for drunk driving. kidd who grew up in oakland was arrested this morning after police say he crashed an suv in the hamptons. the 39-year-old was alone when he drove his cadillac escalade into a telephone pole. kidd was released after being arraigned this morning. activists are calling for
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a shutdown of san francisco's mu knee service tomorrow. they are planning to disrupt the morning commute to mark the one-year anniversary of a police shooting at a muni station in the bay view district. kenneth harding was killed july 16th during a confrontation with officers. they are planning to meet at the intersection of market and 14th street. they will take the protest into consideration as they managed service throughout the day. >> this week pg&e will be conducting more safety tests on gas lines in the bay area. on tuesday they will be testing a section of natural gas transmission lines along interstate 280 in redwood city. crews will be testing a portion of the pipeline that runs between wilmington way and sand hill road. just ahead, the tablet wars hea we are what we are hearing about the newest gadget. >> and the new research that proves women are becoming smarter than men. jay and thousands hit the streets of san francisco for today's annual aidswalk. >> and the gloves are off as the candidates battle over the
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air waves and why president obama says he will not apologize. >> and the bay area warmed up nicely, up by 6 degrees. we will cool things downs, a tomorrow, folks, a big cool down in fact. a look at the accu-weather
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hillary clinton is wrapping up her overseas trip. she arrived in jerusalem after
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spending time in cairo. she will cuss peace efforts with israeli leaders and give her impressions of the new egypt. and south bay is showing what they can do to make a difference in war torn afghanistan. they raiss dollars for orphan boys who would have had no future. thomas roman was at the fundraiser tonight for the amin institute. >> these are the faces of 17 afghan boys who now have a chance to survive in war torn afghanistan. the boys are orphans who have been hand picked by five bay area women who decided to try to save them from lives of begging, prostitution or being sold into slavery. the women thought they could make a difference in a country thousands miles away. >> one person can definitely make a difference. we had made the difference in the lives of 17. >> he is one of the five founders. they had the idea in 2005 after one of them saw the conditions of the children in the streets of the capital. >> got one of the books for
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dumb dumb -- dummies. literally went page by page because we didn't have the funding to help. >> they helped just five children. they need to do continuule fundraising like they are in newark to fund the institute. myriam is another founder. >> it is about $150 per month per child. it gives them food, clothing, health care, education of course and housing. >> those are things few orphans experience. he says without the institute children get little help from the government. >> however they do get served it is generally insufficient. a lot do beg and a lot work in dangerous and mean yell jobs. >> at this fundraiser they describe their work. they say there are other state run orphanages, but they don't offer what the institute can. jay they don't -- >> they don't receive love. they don't receive the care and attention they need. with the smaller program we
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can provide that. >> organizers hope to raise about $10,000 for tonight's event, but they raised $11,000 500 -- $11,500, enough to keep it working for six months. about 20,000 people stepped out for the 2012 aidswalk in golden gate park. >> it is you walk this morning , i encourage you to please look around at the thousands among you. >> abc news anchor dan ashley was the emcee. this is the 26th year for the 10k walk. along the route there was a reminder of why finding a cure is so important. sections were on display honoring those who have died from aids. >> the person to your left could have it and you don't know. the person you wake up to at 2:00 in the morning could have it and you don't know. >> they raised $2.7 million during today'sy vent. and some of our viewers e-mailed their pictures.
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christopher d took this photo along the route. and this was team bigsby. here are more participants enjoying aidswalk 2012. microsoft is pulling out of a joint venture that co owned the break up was announced late this afternoon. now microsoft wants to build its own on-line news service. take jaints like micro-- tech giants like microsoft are trying to build the next new gadget that will dethrown the ipad. they started shipping the next success 7 -- nexus7 that is smaller and cheaper than the ipad. amazon is not commenting on the kindle fire, and apple is developing a tablet with a 7.8 inch screen that will sell less than the current ipad. we will keep you posted. the latest research proves what we have always known, women are smarter than men. for the first time, they found female scores have risen above men. one possible explanation is that women's lives are more
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demanding as we multi task between raising a family and working. the findings will be published in a book next year. >> i recommend you don't say anything. >> just walk away. >> we warmed up nicely today, especially inland. antioch with a high of 91 degrees. big changes tomorrow. will be to the north. it will cool us down, and it will feel like february. a live look now from the high definition rooftop cams. the wind is picking up northwesterly and 20 miles per hour at the coast. we have 22 at sfo. live doppler 7hd is showing you the fog is starting to move into parts of marin county right now. a little to the west of roanoke park, the fog is heading toward the petaluma area and over the golden gate bridge. larkspur and up to san rafael,
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it is starting to enter in. there is a report of light fog over by berkeley and even oakland near the marina. half moon bay is sacked in and it will push this further inland. you can see the timing by the 4:00, 5:00 commute hour tomorrow morning. you can see just how widespread this low cloudiness is. we are also going to throw in the mist and the drizzle. we had numerous flight delays this morning because of the dense overcast at sfo international. fyi, there could be delays as well tomorrow. as we get to the latter part of the afternoon this fog will back off to just near the coast. we will look for some sunshine tomorrow. antioch right now, 60 sibs degrees -- 66 degrees and 56 in san francisco. santa rosa 53. 62 in san jose as well as los gatos right now. the low clouds and drizzle will move inland. it will be a cooler and wind yes, sir day -- windier day
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for your monday and your tuesday as well. as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday, that's when we will start to warm back up. overnight temperatures tonight overcast skies, drizzle near the coast and the bay, generally in the mid to low 50s. maybe a few 60s. interior east bay locations, the reason for that is look at the temperature. livermore reached a high of 89. san francisco, 62. and it was 81 in san rafael. the low tracks over the bay area tomorrow, look what it does to the expected high. down to 15 for livermore and antioch. temperatures in the east bay only in the midto upper 70s. so a big impact as this low that is now to the north of us starts to push down. it has a bucket of cooler air mass settling over us. look for the falling temperatures across the entire bay area. we will see some sunshine, but it will feel almost fall like out there instead of winter. 70s and low 70s to are san
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jose and campbell. we will look for mid50s at the coast with the northwesterly winds picking up to 20 males an hour. redwood city 68. san francisco only 59 degrees. if you have plans in the city, be sure and bring the coat. 68 for novato. 68 for napa. oakland tomorrow 64 degrees. union city 67. the east bay 73, 77 for brentwood, 72 for concord and santa cruz will break out afternoon sun at 606 degrees. 66 degrees. we will start to warm things up on thursday and friday and inland temperatures back up near the 90s. and of course mike will be here at 4:30 with an update. >> thank you, leigh. colin rush is in for shu. looks like the allstar break did some good for the giants. >> yes. they lost five of six, and now it is a sweep of the astros. the giants extend their lead on top of the al west, and there is a nice story in oakland. the a's are in in the middle of playoff contention.
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>> don't forget like abc7 news on facebook and you will make a difference for bay area foster kids. for every new like $1 goes to the sleep t
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welcome back. no deja vu against the astros today. fortunately he doesn't have to be the way he was june 13th. married yesterday and honeymoon at at&t park. big afternoon for buster posey. a bases loaded walk and the canes perfection lasted just two innings today. the third inning and the but came and a run scores on the error. a man on to chris johnson. he ties the game at two. bottom of five and a three-hit day. pablo sandoval scores and that's the go ahead run. cain strikes out five in the
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6th. 49 and 40 with a three game sweep. >> i think they are stuck in that rut. i think we are trying to win every series. i don't try to go into every situation and say we need to win that series. >> i think that was the biggest thing. we came off a terrible road trip. we needed to get back home and have three good games and take that other tough road trip going into atlanta and philly. >> the dodgers gave the padres a win. the same story today. a nice grab, but throws it away. one of five l.a. errors. 3-2 san diego. hairston getting picked on. the grounder and he beats the throw. another run scores and 7-2 padres. dodgers drop one and a halfback of san francisco in the west. only in baseball can you get away with pulling a prank on a coach. a's hitting coach davis victimized by the bubble gum in the hat routine.
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his offense victimizing twins pitchers all series. four homers last night and four more today. 5* two-run shot in the second. chris carter follows with bomb and three home runs in the frame. the first time the a's have done that since 2008. it was 11 years since oakland smacked them in back to back games. how about the a's? a 9-4 win completes a three-game sweep. he the are -- they take on texas on tuesday. still to come, serena williams said it was important to fulfill her commitment and play in the bank of the west tennis classic. not only did she play, but she out played everyone in the
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serena williams took care of business and she did the same as stanford's bank of the west. next stop, london.
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she played in her final expe clearly in favor of serena. in command and next point and serena serving. she returns lefty and goes back righty and misses the easy backhand. championship point and serena another forehand winner. 7-5, 6-3. normally when jack johnson has yarr dej or club -- yarr dej or club question he asks his caddie, but his caddie was playing in the senior u.s. open. without greene by his side johnson almost choked away the john deere classic. he walked up 18 it was all in the bag, but madison put a charge into the eagle putt on 7 steen, and when it roll -- on 7 steen, and when it rolled around and in they were tied. johnson stunned when he heard it. madison with his approach into the water. he needed green to say lay it up man. he went for it and found the drink. a pair of double bogies.
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johnson finds a fairway bunker, but this time best 6 iron of his life. almost rolls it in. a tap in bird for his second tour win this year. roger chap map was a surprise winner at the pga championship, and no one thought he could back up that one with another one. that close to an eighth on 17. 4 under 66 to finish at 10 under. the fourth man to win both the senior pga and u.s. senior open in the same year. that is your abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, colin. still to come, counterfeit coupons sold on-line. how you can avoid the phony ston >> and a stolen car returned to its owner four decades after it disappeared. how one lucky man found it again.
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i'm ama date. >> and i'm alan wang. the wildfire burning in placer county is only 30% contained. the robbers fire burned up 2400 acres. one home has been destroyed and 12 firefighters injured battling the flames and rugged terrain. >> they broke through a fence on a communication bunker on twin peaks. nothing was taken and a few cables cut, but investigators want to know why and how security was breached. >> and the body of a middle aged man was found in a first floor room of the double tree hotel in livermore. police say there are no obvious signs of foul play. the death is being investigated as suspicious until the coroner determines the cause. >> the race for president is heating up. tonight president obama says he won't apologize for what his campaign is saying about mitt romney's time at bain capital. richard cantu has the
2:35 am
details. >> taking a break from the campaign trail by a new hampshire lake, mitt romney is still feeling the political waves. president obama is attacking romney for his business practices. >> ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ >> a scalding tv ad has romney singing "america the beautiful" under charges he out sourced american jobs and wealth into foreign accounts. >> i don't want to pioneer in out sourcing. i want some insourcing. i want to bring companies back. >> romney was the head of bain capital that out sourced jobs in the early 2000s. after romney said he left the company. >> i had no association with the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> but documents filed with the sec listed him as chairman and ceo for nearly three years after that. >> he has made b o -- bain capital his calling card for the presidency. when you look at. it it
2:36 am
doesn't measure what he claims. >> the campaignager manager suggested romney might be guilty of a felony. >> either you are the ceo, the president, the chairman of the board of bain capital, as you attest to the sec orally -- or he it telling the american public about it. >> he retired retroactively at thatasint. he was retired from bain. >> romney answered in a mini media blitz. >> he has to say he's sorry from the attacks coming from his team. >> but president obama doesn't blame governor romney for wanting to talk about the economy. >> you don't hear me complaining about making the argument. if i was in his shoes i would make the same argument. >> richard cantu, abc news, new york. gas prices are starting to inch back up again. the national average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.39 a gallon. that's up one cent from last week, but it is still down 13 cents from last month. in california the average is $3.71 a gallon, up one cent from a week ago, but still
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down a whooping 32 cents from last month. and in the bay area, gas is selling for an average of $3.84 a gallon. if you love a good deal, you will want to pay attention. a multimillion-dollar counterfeit coupon ring was busted in arizona. the fake coupons were sold to many unsuspecting customers on the internet. ron claiborne tells us how it works. >> smart consumers love coupons. the savings can add up. but buyer beware, the discount coupon you found on the internet is probably as phony as a $3 bill. when police raided this house in arizona a few days ago they found a mountain of counterfeit coupons worth an estimated 25 to $30 million. >> this is the largest counterfeit coupon arrest that has occurred in the industry. >> police arrested three suspects, members of an alleged counterfeit coupon ring headed by this woman, rob rob ramirez. -- robin ramirez. >> she profited approximately
2:38 am
$2.2 million. and that is just in the last 12 months alone. >> the fake coupons were allegedly sold on a website called savy shopper the scam works like this, for say $10, shoppers can buy a discount coupon worth $100 at a retail store. last year coca-cola had to pull a discount on 12 packs of coke because of what it called widespread counterfeiting. the fraud has exploded across the country, costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >> the manufacturers lose in this situation because they ultimately end up paying for these counter fit coupons. >> there are other telltale signs. they don't have bar codes on them, and they don't have expiration dates like real coupons. also, check to see if there is a contact number for the manufacture or store. and real coupons usually have a hollow gram you can see or fear. oscar winning actress celeste holmes has died. she was a star on brad way and the big screen and -- broadway and the big screen and won for "the gentleman's agreement."
2:39 am
she earned oscar nominations for her performances in "come to the stable" and "all about eve." she passed away at her apart meant in manhattan. celeste holmes was 95. movies with bows and arrows have spiked an interest in archery. there is a waiting list for this archery camp. enrollment has doubled over last year, and it is only july. 8-year-old kelly clark says he and his friends #r* inspired by recent films. >> get a bow and get arrows and they start shooting. and then they come to camp to learn how to do it right. it gets more popular every day. >> it is brilliant. when it comes to the bow of choice, the traditional, or the bear bow seen in the movie "the hunger games" and pixar's" brave". >> "ice age, continental drift
2:40 am
earned $46 million in its opening weak end it surpassed $2.2 billion worldwide. the amazing spider-man was number two. "ted" hangs on in the third spot followed by" brave" and "magic mike." just ahead, a red-hot reception this weekend. scaws -- excuse me, just ahead helping foster kids with their dreams and how you can help out. >> and we are going to do a little traveling. that is if you have to travel tomorrow heading down to los angeles. detailed weather information for you there, plus the -- plus across the country and we will look
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sleep train to raise money for foster children. >> for every like on facebook $1 goes to the sleep train dream campaign. abc7 news anchor dan ashley looks at the one organization using the donations to make a difference for a foster child. >> all of the young people at this table have been through tough times that no child should ever have to experience. and all of them ended up in foster care. >> i wanted to be with my family, but i didn't want to be abused anymore. >> we can't show their faces, but we can share their hope for a better future. >> my first goal is to go to a
2:44 am
uc college. >> go to cos ma toll gee school and save up money to i can have more money to put toward my lawyer career. >> these teenagers are aiming high thanks in part to an organization called foster a dream in martinez. the group focuses on foster youth, 12 to 24 years old. trying to give them the same support that families usually provide. >> things will probably spark the idea of i can do better and life will be better. >> foster a dream helps foster kids pay for extra kir curricular activities. proms, student portraits and even emergency expenses. in fact, one young man needed to make a deposit on his college dorm room, but the money from his student loan hadn't you -- hadn't arrived yet. >> only half of foster children even graduate from high school, and many don't have consistent adult support, so foster a dream tries to match them with trained mentors. >> sometimes they need to get
2:45 am
certain situations and issues off their chest to someone who can listen and maybe give good advice. >> foster a dream also runs a two-week summer program called get set to help them prepare for adult life. >> for maybe five years down the road. >> the program is put on by two staff members and an army of volunteers. teens work on resumes, practice for job interviews, visit different workplaces and learn about careers. >> they get interview outfits, so we go shopping. they get clothes >>- q. i and there is fun. swimming, restaurants and even a trip to a zip line. through every activity, the focus is on the good these young people have to offer. >> one of my great experiences is i never give up. >> the fact that people confide in me and trust me. >> the get set program is paid for by john muir medical center. the volunteers benefit almost as much as the teenagers. >> i had a little questionnaire i did with them the other day. i couldn't get through it
2:46 am
because i stopped in the middle and said you are my heros. you people are my here's rows. heros. you have taught me so much about life. >> foster a dream also distributes clothes and other donations all year long. every december they create a winter wonderland for kids of all ages with activities and kids to help every child feel special. >> when you find such a need, i just feel like it is a privilege to do it. i think we just all need to do whatever we can. >> foster a dream gets its funding from private donations. if you would like to contribute or volunteer we have a link on >> great program and great cause. let's get to leigh glaser for one last check of our forecast. >> southern california will see a little light fog, los angeles and into san diego, earlier in the morning and then break out to sunshine. 73 for l.a. tomorrow. 102 palm springs.
2:47 am
90 in yosemite. watch out for a slight threat of isolated thunderstorms. you are going to find a chance of rain for chico. eureka will be 59 with some light rain. folks, it is going to heat back up. the midsection of the country heating back up to 100 degrees. the heat is on there. 91 with scattered showers for atlanta, and we will look for a few showers as well. 90 degrees in miami. for the bay area it will be the cool down tomorrow. inland locations, midto upper 70s. that's it. 59 and overcast for san francisco. san jose 72. we will go with 65 for watsonville. we will get a couple of cool days, and then we will start to warm things back up where we should be for this time of year thursday and friday and back into the 90s. have a great week ahead. >> thank you, leigh. all right, here is an interesting story. a man whose prized sports car was stolen 42 years ago in philadelphia. he thought he would never see it again. then he went on ebay.
2:48 am
robert russell recently spotted what he thought was his 1967 austin healy listed on ebay by the beverly hills car club. police tracked down the car and russell is back behind the wheel of his car. the car club had no idea that it was stolen. >> he must be so happy to have his car back. colin is here. giants. >> giants, as rolling after the allstar break. how the giants and the a's completed a three-game sweep this afternoon. and we will dive into the pool at stanford where a coach and two prize pupils hope
2:49 am
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2:51 am
he tossed the first perfect game in franchise history. that was a month ago. he didn't need to be perfect. buster posey had his back. a single to center brings home sandoval for the lead. cain struck out the side in the 6th. he gets his 10th win of the year. 3-2 the final as san francisco completes a three-game sweep. >> to get a sweep, that's hard to do. i don't care who you are playing. these games that were hard fought games. last night was extra innings. this was a one-run game and they played well. at home, that's our goal to take the series. >> it was half game lead on
2:52 am
the dodgers. dodgers and padres and hairston, a day to forget. two-run score and 3-2 san diego. the grounder and he would beat the throw from hairston. 7-2 padres and dodgers now drop one and a halfback of the giants in the west. the a's completing their own three-game sweep. can they do it on the road with another offensive explosion against the twins? four homers last night and four more today. he hit two in the series. two batters later and his 11th of the season. chris carter follows with a 434-foot bomb to center. seth smith powers the fourth long ball of the game. his second in as many days. 9-4 the final. oakland now three games above the 500 mark. coming off a wimbledon title last weekend there was the thought serena williams would be too tired to play well at this week's bank of the west. she won each match in straight sets. she played in her first wta
2:53 am
final. the gap and experienced evidence. the big cross court fore winner. serving and forced to go with the left hand. serena with the drop shot and easy backhand. championship point and another forehand winner. 7-5-6-3 and back to back title. on lap 240, the race leader top of your screen and dove to the pit and two new tires and miss communication with his crew chief. he would re-enter in 13th place. kasey kahne said he would take a win anyway he can get it, thank you. his second of the season. stage 14 of the tour de france. 119 miles entering entering and who continues to dominate the story line. roughly 30 riders punctuation toured tires.
2:54 am
the games of the 30th ole limb pea yad start in two weeks and stanford will have a major role in whether the u.s. diving squad medals. they will send two athletes and a coach who waited decades for this opportunity. >> he knows talent when he sees it. he has been the head diving coach at stanford the past 34 years. but for all of his accomplishments on the farm, he has never been a part of an olympic game until now. >> i wanted to build the finest program in the united states. even then 34 years ago. i don't know if that knew the olympics. i wanted a great club team and great college team. >> timing was the key to his ticket to london. at the u.s. diving trials, the freshman from de la salle qualified in the spring board. the ncaa champion won the three meter spring board title. both are considered serious medal contenders.
2:55 am
>> she could be the greatest spring board diver of all time. >> we have competed at a lot of world meets at a high level. th is amazing, but this is like no other meet. >> after 2008 she quit diving and started working and experienced life outside the sport and then somewhere in the course of 9 to 10 months, the passion returned. >> i think always in the back of my mind there was an idea that might not be a real retirement. but it is amazing and it is a little surreal. on the one hand it is a dream i have had since i was 3. and the other i am living it right now. >> the practice and the dreams didn't stop by making it out of trials. we now go to the games also with some goals and some dreams. >> we wish them all well. that is your abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. rick con casino. >> thank you, colin. that's it for this edition of
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the abc news. i'm ama date. >> i'm alan wang. thank you for joining us. >> to get our cool new alarm clock for the iphone go to our app store. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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this morning on "world news now,weather this morning on "world news now," weather extremes. from fatal lightning strikes in houston to a drought that's going into the history books. and the intense heat that's once again baking a big section of the country. it is monday, july 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we've got the "b" team in today. >> the new york teams. we're native new yorkers, who knew? >> let's rock it. let's talk about weather extremes.


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